Saturday, February 11, 2012


From Dede Griesbauer, Professional Triathlete:

"I have traveled a number of times with Ken Glah and his team at Endurance Sports Travel. The first trip I took with Ken, I was hooked. Simply can't understand why athletes would go it alone when you can go it with EST.

I am typically a "do it yourself-er" and that's all well and good when things go according to plan…..but how often does international travel with 100+ lbs of highly sensitive and technical sports equipment go smoothly? Ken's teams, no matter the race location, are exceptionally professional, exceptionally friendly, and if they can't solve your problem? The problem can't be solved! Need the best massage therapist in the area? Done. Want to find a pool to swim in and secure a car hire to get there? Done. Shifter break in foreign country? Replacement part located in a city 1474 miles away and shipped overnight to expert EST staffed mechanic for installation. Problem solved. Crash your bike and wind up in the ICU? Transition bags collected and hotel room packed.

All true stories of things that have happened to me in my travels with Ironman racing and examples of Ken and his staff go above and beyond to care for each of their athletes.

Think I'm "different" because I am a pro? Not hardly. I know another EST client who broke a tooth biting into a frozen Snicker bar she'd left in her gear bag. EST had a dentist at the EST house within an hour after the athlete finished the race. Problem...SOLVED!

You can easily plan your travel to your next Ironman or half-Ironman competition on your own, but why not book with Ken and Endurance Sports Travel and have a dedicated staff of experts at your disposal to help make your travel and race experience as easy and care free as it can be?"

From Luis Mendes:

"Disculpa lo tarde de mi respuesta pero es que estaba en argentina de vacaciones y gracias por tomarme en cuenta para tu revista y aqui te mando mi reportaje por si lo quieres agregar desde hace algun tiempo tuve un sueno y era realizar todos los diferentes ironman que existian en el mundo.

Sabia que la meta era algo larga y fuerte por lo que tenia que buscar ayuda para que el camino fuera lo menos desgastante y que me sintiera bien con lo que hacia ademas tenia temor saber a donde iba a llegar el idioma costumbres gastos y tantas cosas de un viaje mas el objetivo de realizar un ironman lo mejor concentrado para lograr terminarlo bien por lo que quiero compartir la suerte que tuve de conseguir un aliado y es la gente de endurance sports y de hecho ha sido mi hermano mayor que me ha ayudado a no tener que cometer errores ya que el me ha aconsejado lo que debo hacer para no equivocarme.

Hoy por hoy ya he hecho 10 ironman y todos los he terminado bien un poco mas o menos de los tiempos esperados pero feliz porque he viajado solo y con mi familia y ellos me ayudan en todo ya que tienen todo organizado saben como tratar un atleta y sus acompanantes ya que ellos tambien son atletas.

Quiero compartir las palabras de agradecimiento de mi familia y espero que sigan siendo mi hermano mayor en los ironman.

Saludos de luis mendes"

"For a long time I had wanted to have a 'dream come true' in regards to competing in some of the different Ironman races that exist around the world. I knew that this was a goal that was both big and difficult and that I would need the help of someone to make the path to my goal the least stressful possible so I could concentrate on the race. In addition, I thought of how would I arrive to the event's location, how would I communicate with people, what about the local cost of things, what about the different customs of the country. In short, there were many things to worry about than just my Ironman, which I needed to concentrate on in order to finish well. It was no small stroke of luck that I found an ally in the people who are Endurance Sports Travel and throughout my journey they have been my 'Big Brother' and have not only helped me, but also kept me from making huge errors and mistakes.

Today, I have done 10 Ironman races and all of them I have finished, some more or less in the time I wanted to, but nonetheless happy, more so because I have traveled with my family and enjoyed doing so.

I want to share all of this with you since if it were not for my 'Big Brother', Endurance Sports Travel, none would have been possible.

Luis Mendes"

From Owen Martin:

I have being traveling with Endurance Sports Travel from 2006, and from that time, all the extra pressure of arriving at a race venue has being taken from me. As an Athlete who travels with family I was always concerned about my family during the race, having Ken and Ty there to look after them is a huge weight off my mind. Ken Glah is a world class Athlete and has always being very helpful in any concerns I had pre-race, the guy just knows everything you need to know. I can highly recommend EST as they simply leave your race experience that bit better and I am looking forward to traveling again this year with them.

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