Saturday, June 5, 2010

Optional Transfer FOR IM Canada 2010

Interested in competing in Ironman Canada 2010 on August 29th?  Endurance Sports Travel still has race entry slots and ground packages for anyone interested, and we have added an optional transfer from Vancouver Airport to Penticton to help with your travel to this race.  There will be only two transfers arranged, so if you are interested please make your travel arrangements accordingly:
  • Transfer 1 - August 25th 2010 Departing Vancouver Airport around 2:00 p.m. and arriving to Penticton around 6:30pm.
  • Transfer 2 - August 26th 2010 Departing Vancouver Airport around 2:00 p.m. and arriving to Penticton around 6:30 p.m.
Return Transfers will depart Penticton and return to Vancouver Airport on August 31st.

Ironman China 2010 Highlights & Recap

Ironman China 2010 was an intimate race that allowed athletes to get acquainted with competitors from all over the world. Bonds formed early in the week during group shopping trips to the multi-level grocery store, where we teamed up to help one another “read” Chinese food labels and take turns using the shopping carts that slid sideways and magnetically locked into place on the escalators.

It was quite the adventure!

Later, EST clients took a bike course tour, stopping along the way for photo ops with water buffalo, and to stroll through a village while snacking on local flavors. Children even came out of their school to smile for photos and see the large group of non-natives walking down the streets!

One afternoon we were dropped off in the city and took a guided tour of the area. Starting in People’s Park, we noticed much activity - locals were engaged in games of ping-pong, badminton, croquet and were practicing tai chi. We then hit the streets and saw “old China”; window shopping the many stores that lined the streets. When it was time to head back we partnered up, jumped on the back seat of rickshaw bicycles and raced each other back. Looking around, everyone wore smiles from ear to ear.

After relaxing came the time to race. Ironman China was a challenging event due to currents in the water, a warm temperature, and wind on the bike and run. It was a tough day for most but waves and cheers encouraged many EST athletes to cross the finish line. It’s amazing how friendships formed in just a few days can shine through just when you need it!

Congratulations to all for making it to the start line and a special “well done” to the following EST athletes and staff!
  • 70.3 Podium placements: Ken Glah 1st,  Stacy Hadac 3rd , Tiffany Morey 3rd , Gayle Tsien 1st.
  • Foster Grant World Championship: Stacy Hadac, Simon Moore, Gayle Tsien.
  • Ironman Podium placements: Mary Goodacre 1st, Carol Hassell 1st, Bernard Girold 1st, Brigette Bollschweiler 3rd, Chantal Leferve 2nd.
  • Ford Ironman World Championship: Paul Duffy, Mary Goodacre, Carol Hassell, Bernard Girold.
The six night, three city after-race Tour of China was enjoyed by a lucky group of EST clients, and from the emails we’ve received, fun was had by all. Highlights of the tour included the Museum of Terracotta Warriors and Horses in Xi'an, the Jade Buddhism Temple in Shanghai and Tiananmen Square in Beijing and the Great Wall of China.

We would like to thank everyone that allowed us to help them with their 2010 trip to Ironman China and look forward to helping many others to this event in 2011.

The Adventure of a Lifetime on January 16, 2011 AT IM Pucon, Chile!

Secure your ground package with EST now and make a donation to help the citizens of Chile recover from the earthquake disaster. You will also qualify for fun rewards:
  • Donations of $50 - $99 receive an EST technical T-Shirt.
  • Donations of $100 - $149 receives an EST technical T-shirt and a $60 dinner voucher.
  • Donations of $150 or more receives an EST technical T-shirt and a $120 dinner voucher.

Ironman Pucon 70.3 Race Highlights

The votes are in, and Ironman Pucon wins by a long shot as a premier race destination.

Prior to race day, many took in Pucon’s casual atmosphere by browsing through nearby shops for handmade souvenirs and savoring delicious meals on warm restaurant patios Others took pleasure in alternately reading and napping on the black sand beach by day, and relaxing in the thermal baths by night.

Race day came and went with beautiful weather and fantastic crowd support. Kiddos lined the streets to “high-five” athletes on the run.

The following morning, the true adventure began. With tired legs, we climbed to the top of Villarrica volcanoI, took in the spectacular views from the top, and followed this by sledding down the volcano! Tuesday morning we started all over again with a rafting trip in the morning, an afternoon bike ride and thermal springs in the evening. We finished up the trip with a canopy/zip line excursion.

“Thank you for making this one of the most memorable experiences of my life” - EST client, Pucon 2010