Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Marine Corps Birthday Cycling Team (AW)

Marine Corps Birthday Cycling Team (AW) - 235 mile ride

Endurance Sports Travel is proud to Support one of our loyal clients. Please see below for more information from John Bandy on his Marine Corps Birthday Cycling Team.

The Marine Corps Sports sponsors 23 various programs. The application process selects athletes to compete at the elite or Olympic level of competition, which most cyclists do not fall into either of the two categories. The entry level or seasoned cyclists aboard Marine Corps Bases around the world ride with friends, family, or join local cycling teams. I have a vision for each base to establish a “Marine Corps Birthday Cycling Team” and then identify each team by a chapter name e.g. MCBs Hawaii Chapter, Camp Pendleton Chapter, etc. Instead of participating in the traditional Marine Corps Birthday run relays, I wanted to challenge myself by riding through the Marine Corps distinguished lineage one year (mile) at a time.

In 2006 I departed North Foster Towers just after midnight and rode 236 miles counter-clockwise around Okinawa to celebrate the 231st Marine Corps Birthday. Due to training challenges and commitments I was not able to continue on with the tradition until now.

On 9 June 2010 I sent out a challenge to Marine Corps Bases Hawaii and invited cyclists of all levels to join me on 10 November 2010 for a 235 mile bike ride for every year the Corps has defended America. The call was answered and I have 14 team members ranging from entry level to seasoned cyclists. Our first group ride was a 65 mile adventure from MCB Kaneohe Bay to Queens Beach, Waikiki and back on 27 June 2010. All went well except for a flat tire. The plan is to increase the mileage for each group ride by six percent in order to max out at 175 miles on 23 October 2010.

In true Marine Corps tradition, if it is not raining, we are not training. The “AW” in the title stands for “All Weather”. We are not a fair weather cycling team. We have encountered strong winds and heavy rain in two of the four group rides so far. Pending a hurricane, tsunami, or lava flowing across our route, we’ll be formed up at 0030 on 10 November 2010 ready to pedal off into the deadness of night.

CWO5 John R. Bandy, USMC
2167 Bancroft Drive
Kailua, HI 96734
(808) 589-6695